Four Ways Open Source Gives Edge To A Company Over Another


Open source solutions are gaining popularity among businesses of all sizes due to their unequalled customization and control, as well as industry-leading features and performance. Because new technologies arise at such a rapid pace, you must maintain a flexible environment to stay current, and open source software is frequently the best option.

Let’s look at some of the advantages open source technology can provide for your company:

Updated Security

We’re living in times where data breaches are almost frequent, software supply chain and zero-day flaws are common, and targeted hacking efforts are made on nearly every exposed piece of IT infrastructure. In 2021, the average data breach cost more than $4 million, with highly regulated companies bearing the brunt of the damage.

While utilizing  proprietary products, you’re effectively outsourcing your security to the related suppliers, who you hope are looking out for your best interests. The reality is that vulnerabilities are frequently undetected until after a breach has occurred, and depending on someone else to respond to security breaches puts your technical team at risk.

By allowing you to specify specifications for every component of your infrastructure and evaluate the code to verify it satisfies your security and data needs, open source tools provide you unequalled control over the security of your environment.


Unparalleled customizability and adaptability

Open source software is the finest way to stay up with the fast pace of development and give your engineering team the most agility and flexibility possible.

You can fully tweak its functionality and adjust it to your individual needs if you have complete access to the source code. Open source software is known for its interoperability and extensibility, which allows programmers to swiftly create high-impact software without having to reinvent the wheel. Open source is the solution to proprietary solutions’ rigid, inflexible structures, allowing you to create solutions for any project.


Recruit Best Software Engineering Talent

The battle to attract and keep high-performing employees is on, particularly for technical positions such as software engineers. Getting top developers starts with giving them with cutting-edge tools that allow them to fulfil their full potential. Engineers are increasingly choosing open source solutions over proprietary alternatives for a variety of reasons, including increased flexibility and extensibility, reduced implementation costs, faster development speeds, and superior code quality, functionality, performance, and security.

Developers simply want to utilise open source software and contribute back because it allows them to reach their full potential. To entice software engineers, any firm that needs to hire them should provide open source tools.

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Break Free from Vendor Lock-In With Data Sovereignty

CIOs are highly concerned about vendor lock-in, which occurs when companies are unable to switch vendors without incurring significant expenditures. Legacy, proprietary solutions might limit your control over your company’s data and make switching to a new solution challenging. To make matters worse, vendors and solution providers are free to change their services as they see fit.

You can obtain complete data sovereignty and full ownership of every component of your technological environment using open source tools. This gives you a lot more flexibility in the future when it comes to switching to new solutions and avoiding vendor lock-in.

It’s no surprise that open source tools are gaining traction among teams, particularly among engineers. A significant strategic advantage for a firm is the ability to create flexibility while also having access to a helpful community and a highly secure environment.

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