Cossack Labs Updates Security Package For Open Source Database


British data security software company Cossack Labs updated its open source product Acra database security suite to version 0.90.0 and made many of its core security features previously available only for enterprise customers free in Acra Community Edition.

“Following our mission to empower developers to build secure products of any scale and in any market, we chose to open source all fundamental controls, for years available only to commercial customers,” said Eugene Pilyankevich, CTO of Cossack Labs.

Acra’s features enable the implementation of application-level encryption in modern cloud applications, saving development costs and allowing a tighter grip on sensitive data lifecycle, the company said.

Acra includes searchable encryption: providing a way to keep data encrypted and still be able to securely search over it, without constraining the application architecture, made available in the open source 0.90.0 release. Data masking and tokenisation give additional possibilities to keep data at hand but well-hidden from unauthorised access. A built-in data leakage prevention system allows to detect unauthorised behaviour and responds to it properly.

It helps in securing sensitive data inside modern distributed apps, clouds and databases. Security teams uses Acra because it unifies security control set around sensitive data, combining 9 strong data security controls on one choke point to data access: application-level encryption, searchable encryption, data masking, data tokenization, connections’ authentication, data leakage prevention, cryptographically signed audit logs, database request firewall, and security events automation.


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