OpenLogic Partners Open Source Initiative for ‘New’ Survey


Perforce Software today announced its collaboration with the Open Source Initiative (OSI) to run a new survey on the usage of open source software.

“This survey will offer insights into rapidly changing open source technologies, how organisations are using open source, and, more importantly, uncover the challenges teams face when using today’s most popular open source technologies,” says Javier Perez, chief OSS evangelist at Perforce Software.

The survey, which runs through 7 January 2022, will examine the day-to-day use and management of open source software, with the resulting data used as the basis for the 2022 OpenLogic and OSI State of Open Source Report.

The survey marks the first collaboration between the partners since OpenLogic announced its sponsorship of OSI in October.

“Organisations that rely on open source software and participate in open source communities need current and reliable information on how projects are being used, as well as how the needs of open source communities are changing,” said Stefano Maffulli, executive director at OSI.

The partners are also inviting open source users to participate in the survey here.




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