TARS Announces CTAD Exam To Test Developer’s Microservice Skills



The Linux Foundation and opensource Foundation TARS have announced the Certified TARS Application Developer (CTAD) exam, It will be generally available in early 2022.

“With the continuous growth of microservices, the demand for application developers is increasing,” said Mark Shan, Board Chair of the TARS Foundation. “The CTAD exam will allow developers to demonstrate their proficiency in designing and building microservices applications, and it will allow companies to recruit talent they can be confident in.”

CTAD will consist of a multiple-choice certification exam testing entry-level skills and knowledge around developing microservices and other components within a TARS Framework. This exam is intended to demonstrate that certification holders understand the resources available to support continuous development, helping certificants build credibility and demonstrable value in the job market.

The new certification is being developed to enable cloud native professionals to demonstrate the ability to develop and maintain microservices within the TARS Framework. Specific knowledge to be tested will include:

– TARS can be installed and run in Docker, Kubernetes, or from source code.

– Using the TARS Framework and a programming language of choice to build a microservices application

–  Knowledge of the functions and plug-ins available in TARS for maintaining and scaling up microservices applications

The exam is being developed in partnership with Certiverse. Those interested may sign up to participate in the free CTAD Beta here.


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