XDC Foundation Announces the Release of the XDC Network Stats


The XDC Network, an open-source, public/private hybrid blockchain platform, unveils the XDC Network Stats platform, developed in coordination with LeewayHertz.

XDC Network Stats provides detailed information about the XDC Network’s web of decentralised nodes. This includes visualisation of real-time block creation, average block time, transaction speeds, and even an updated average transaction fee. Users can see the number of nodes online as well as their location on a world map.

“The metrics shown on XDC Network Stats bring increased visibility and transparency to the XDC Network users, developers, and its growing community,” said Bill Sebell, Executive Director of the XDC Foundation. “And it does so through a clean, intuitive, user-friendly experience on both desktop and mobile platforms.”

In addition to aggregating network statistics as a whole, Network Stats allows users to find more detailed information about individual nodes, including node name, type, latency, peers, last block, and more. With the search feature, any of the XDC Network’s more than 200 nodes can be found by name.

“The XDC Network is a future-ready blockchain providing a scalable infrastructure for enterprises and independent community contributors,” said LeewayHertz Chief Technology Officer Deepak Shokeen. “With the development of Network Stats, the XDC Network has enhanced, in both scale and UI, its network monitoring mechanism, bringing transparency to the XDC ecosystem and making a valuable contribution to the broader blockchain industry.”


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