Announces AI Blueprints An Open Source Suite Of Ready-made ML Pipelines

453, an Intel company, provider of the artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) platform, today announced the release of AI Blueprints to help developers quickly deliver AI applications, with easy-to-use ML pipelines that can run on any infrastructure. AI Blueprints are a curated, verified and open source library of ML model APIs and customizable pipelines to enable software developers to easily enhance their applications with AI to solve any business or product problem. AI blueprints are built on’s experience working with the leading data and AI teams in the world, learning and identifying recurring bottlenecks and engineering challenges that arise while putting ML in production.  The AI Blueprints are a collection of complete, data-centric, and customizable ML pipelines focused on easy integration between data sources and targets.

The AI software market will grow to $37 billion by 2025 according to Forrester. However, one of the biggest factors slowing down AI adoption is the shortage of trained AI developers, and the engineering complexity of putting models in production.  With a rich library of open-source and ready-to-use AI blueprints consisting of data connectors, ML components, and deployment options, developers can create a complete end-to-end AI solution and use it easily in any application. For example, a developer is able to apply sales forecasting directly on Salesforce data, perform text classification on their Snowflake data warehouse, predictions on data that is stored in S3 bucket, or many others. AI Blueprints can be used as-is or be modified to fit specific needs in a simple, user-friendly interface or directly via code. AI Blueprints are community-driven and offer a collection with dozens of AI use-cases with 100+ components that will continuously grow with community contributions. With AI Blueprints, organizations will be able to host their own private repository of Blueprints and help data scientists democratize their work, enabling other developers in their organization to apply machine learning that is tailored to their business use case. AI Blueprints are powered by Metacloud, a cloud-native AI platform, with the ability to bring your own compute and storage, and run AI workloads anywhere. is also offering hands-on AI Blueprints workshops for developers interested in building their own end-to-end AI solution to apply to their business domain. Sign up today and join’s community of developers.

“AI Blueprints is our way of enabling data scientists to share their work easily and help organizations to keep up with the demand, and apply more AI to more use-cases,” said Yochay Ettun, CEO and Co-founder of “The AI Blueprints are developer-friendly, open source, and fully customizable – enabling any developer to easily add ML to their applications.”

“We’re excited to work closely with to enable developers to get more value from their AI initiatives,” said Kavitha Prasad, VP Intel AI Strategy and Execution. “Now with AI Blueprints, AI is more accessible, making it easier for developers in any industry to enhance their business outcomes with pre-built AI pipelines off-the-shelf.”


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