O4S To Upgrade its Tech Stack with AI and ML Technologies


O4S, one of the fastest-growing supply chain SaaS startups, has succeeded in creating the supply-chain revolution globally with its SaaS platform that has built strong supply-chain resilience since the pandemic. The company further upgrades its Tech stack, in terms of both capabilities and features. O4S is investing deeply in developing strong capabilities to provide AI and Machine Learning capabilities to its clients in order to help them make the most of their data and, most critically, to provide prescriptive insights into their supply chain.

O4S will be developing its fine-grain reporting architecture on top of this massive horde of data from SKU/Product as it progresses through its life cycle. The company will enhance its main technological platform to usher in a distributed microservice paradigm in which the full journey of an SKU/Product may be replicated by a succession of atomic and idempotent services, hence enabling security, scale, and efficiency. The company intends to expand the product offering to include a comprehensive warehouse management system, a bidirectional order management system that connects to ERP systems via an API ecosystem, and a trade promotions optimization feature, which will be bolstered by an integrated trade margin and disbursements system.

With new additions to the technology stack – Edge Computing, and data analytics cloud on the platform, the company aims to fill in the supply chain vacuum across industries primarily FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, and Consumer Electronics. Some of the prominent customers include ITC, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Honeywell, AkzoNobel, and Mondelez among others.

“We are also looking to evolve the core technology platform and we are looking to usher in a distributed microservice model wherein the entire journey of an SKU/Product can be mimicked by a series of atomic and idempotent services, providing security, scale, and efficiency.” quoted saying Prashant Vaghela, SVP – Engineering, O4S. 

The O4S SaaS platform enables visibility and traceability for every SKU/Product manufactured and along the entire supply chain flow.  In other words, from manufacturing facilities through distributors, retailers, and finally to end-users. The company employs technically advanced edge computing and IoT capabilities to deliver unique and configurable on product serialization that can be identified and registered by a suite of apps running on top of this platform. O4S focuses on specialist technology innovation and platform improvement while comprehending the domain’s complexity and inherent disorganization.


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