Versium Makes Open Source Tools Available To Help Marketers Improve Their Campaigns


Versium, data technology firm, has released a set of open source development tools aimed at making high-performance data processing easier for better marketing results. Versium’s open source tools are the first of a new drive to make data more accessible, according to the vendor. They let developers and data scientists read and alter files to clean up dirty data and enhance marketing campaigns.

“As a company, we are always looking for ways to help customers gain greater value from their own data to maximize marketing impact,” said Kevin Marcus, CTO, Versium. “We know developers and data analysts can spend their entire day doing data prep work to build models and predict outcomes. We’re releasing this first set of open source tools to the community because they’ve greatly streamlined our own data processing internally, and we know they can help businesses understand, fix and leverage their own audience data for marketing.”

Better data processing leads to a better understanding of present and potential customers, as well as more precise contact points for a more effective reach across all marketing channels. To assist developers with file processing, Versium’s open source tools contain the following features:

– Examine data to understand file layouts – Split single files into several pieces for faster processing, allowing parallelization of data processing pipelines for huge files.

– Deep file inspection tool to generate report, including fill rate and information on field contents – Statistical file counter to quickly estimate the amount of records in a file

– Without using SQL joins, quickly associate the contents of two files based on a key.

– Create a file with a statistically significant random sample.

Versium provides companies with the tools and data they need to gain consumers. According to the vendor, its patented identity graph and data technology platform helps marketers better identify, understand, and reach their ideal customer every time.


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