DNEG To Launch ‘xSTUDIO’ As Open Source Project


DNEG announced today the upcoming release of xSTUDIO, a modern, flexible, and feature-rich playback and review application designed to meet the needs of content creators throughout the production process. DNEG will launch the open source project ‘xSTUDIO,’ which is designed to meet the needs of filmmakers throughout the production process with a feature-rich playback and review application.

xSTUDIO, which is currently in development at DNEG, will replace all other image review tools in the company’s content creation pipeline, allowing individuals and teams to review shots, edits, and grades in a single, unified application across all desktop platforms and operating systems (Linux, Mac and Windows).

DNEG intends to release xSTUDIO as an open source project, allowing each industry partner and filmmaking team to integrate the application into their own pipeline in order to encourage the tool’s adoption as the new industry-standard toolset for collaborative review.

“From its conception, xSTUDIO was designed to allow everyone working in the media creation industries to collaborate seamlessly,” said Chas Jarrett, Senior VFX Supervisor, DNEG. “VFX supervisors, artists, directors, DoPs, studio executives, producers – we all look at images every day in many different ways. xSTUDIO will give us a common industry toolset for organizing and displaying all types of media, annotating and editing them, and then securely sharing the results with each other, on our laptops, in screening rooms or over the internet.”

xSTUDIO, which is expected to be released as an open source beta application later this year, will be available for free download and use, allowing DNEG’s industry partners to contribute features and workflows to support their own specific needs.

xSTUDIO will have a modern, feature-rich, and pipeline-agnostic core application, as well as a full Python API, C++ plugin framework, and extensive use of open source libraries, giving contributors complete control over its integration into their pipelines.

“By developing xSTUDIO and releasing it as an open source project, DNEG has created an opportunity for greater collaboration and more efficient workflows for content creation teams across our industry,” added Namit Malhotra, DNEG Chairman and CEO. “Built specifically for filmmakers by filmmakers, we are thrilled to launch this innovative, flexible platform that will support substantial efficiencies and advancements in our craft.”


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