Keyfactor Unveils New Open Source Community


Keyfactor, the machine and IoT identity platform for modern enterprises, has launched its new Keyfactor Community. The community will provide knowledge and open-source tools to developers, operations, and engineering teams in order for them to implement the best security solutions for their use case or product.

Nearly every enterprise organisation that develops connected products or online services must prioritise security. To build, deliver, and run applications securely, engineering and operations teams are increasingly relying on public key infrastructure (PKI) and machine identities. PKI provides developers with a flexible and scalable security tool on which to build and integrate business-critical processes and infrastructure. The Keyfactor Community will make available to all users open-source community editions of the company’s leading products for cryptography, PKI, and digital signing.

Users of the Keyfactor Community will have access to community editions of EJBCA, SignServer, and Bouncy Castle, as well as free trials of enterprise editions on Azure and AWS. The community software already has a large user base, with thousands of people acting as quality assurance agents, downloading, testing, and using each new release.

“Open source technology creates an opportunity for innovation through collaboration and encourages transparency to build digital trust in the enterprise,” said Tomas Gustavsson, Chief PKI Officer, Keyfactor. “The new Keyfactor Community empowers users to work closely with industry peers and offers educational resources and access to world-class knowledge through a secure setting.”


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