IceTeaGroup Releases Open Source Tools For Building Modern Web Applications


The Wisej.NET platform now supports a number of new open-source integrations from Washington, D.C.-based IceTeaGroup LLC, a supplier of.NET cloud migrations. The new technologies are intended to reduce the amount of time enterprise developers spend on development while providing a cutting-edge substitute for outdated web frameworks like Blazor, Angular, and React.

With the help of one of the tools, Web Authentication API (WebAuthn), developers can replace conventional two-factor authentication procedures with a passwordless user experience that uses cross-platform authenticators like YubiKey in addition to OS-specific authenticators like Windows Hello, FaceID, and TouchID to uniquely identify and authorise users. The File System Access API is another integration that enables programmers to access authorised client-side directories from the server without the requirement for upload and download dialogues.

The most recent version of the Wisej.NET platform for Windows, Linux, and macOS, Wisej.NET 3.1, is scheduled for formal release next month and includes these updates. Wisej.NET 3.1 introduces additional open source connectors, new templates in the Visual Studio Marketplace, and a number of new controls, including the TypedTextBox. Check out the Wisej.NET Blog for more information.


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