XDR Alliance Releases Open Source Common Information Model (CIM)


At this year’s Black Hat conference, the XDR AllianceTM is commemorating its first birthday. Collaboration on a Common Information Model (CIM), which is currently accessible as open source via public GitHub with Apache 2.0 licencing, was a major focus of the alliance’s first year. To help enterprises integrate more easily and acquire a more complete picture of their surroundings, the CIM gives the larger cybersecurity sector a common framework for comprehending, normalising, gaining deeper visibility into, and enriching log data across platforms.

“In the last 12 months, the alliance has achieved several milestones across technical, thought leadership, and awareness charters –– notably cadenced collaboration on an open source CIM, and organization of well-attended events at RSA Conference and Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit. We also expanded membership coverage in other key XDR-relevant categories by welcoming new members CyberArk, Recorded Future, and VMware,” said Gorka Sadowski, founder, XDR Alliance and Chief Strategy Officer, Exabeam. “The growth and teamwork are inspiring; we look forward to future anniversaries and sharing stories of our joint customers experiencing access to open, interoperable solutions to best protect their organizations.”

The new CIM is created to power the next generation of XDR and Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (TDIR) systems and draws on lessons gathered from thousands of client deployments. The CIM is future-proof with built-in extension options for next technologies. It was developed in collaboration with members of the XDR Alliance to enable simple, transparent integration of both old tools and the newest cloud technologies. The integration that organisations require as their technology stacks and security architecture change benefits them.

“We would like to thank all the members of the XDR Alliance who contributed to the CIM and are thrilled to see it released to the open source community,” said Andy Skrei, Senior Director of Product Management, Exabeam. “This CIM represents untold hours of research and development from Exabeam and alliance members so end customers can more easily extract value from all logs in their environments. Releasing the CIM with an Apache license is a testament to our commitment to open security and transparency.”


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