Yandex Open Sources DivKit, A Tool For Accelerating The Development Of Mobile Apps


One of Europe’s internet service providers, Yandex, has open sourced DivKit, a framework that enables you to design mobile applications more quickly and update interfaces more quickly. When the server instructs the client to use DivKit as part of the server-driven UI strategy. An application can choose what to show in the user interface and can quickly alter how it looks. The developer uploads a unique description of the UI elements to the server, and the

This description is transformed into native application components by the framework, including for all platforms at once.

The developer won’t have to write unique code for each platform thanks to this. Three major platforms are supported by DivKit: iOS, Android, and the web. The framework can be used to add new elements, such an image gallery or a like counter, as well as change the appearance of existing ones.

The framework makes it easy to develop both new products and already-existing ones. It includes Python, TypeScript, and Kotlin server-side programming libraries. DivKit-powered interfaces are quick and fluid. The framework is also simple to use; you may become familiar with it in a matter of hours or days.

“It took us five years to develop this framework. It originated in the Yandex Search application team and now powers the interfaces of many of our services, including ecommerce and voice assistant apps. Now everyone can use and contribute to this tool,” says Ilya Bogin, head of the mobile development department.

The Apache 2.0 open licence governs the source code for DivKit, which is accessible on GitHub.


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