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Aiven Welcomes Kafkawize For Open Source Development


Aiven reinvests in the expansion of its business and continuous dedication to the open source programme following the completion of its successful Series D funding round by investing in Kafkawize, renamed Klaw.

Kafkawize, an open source data governance tool for Apache Kafka®, has joined Aiven, the open source cloud data platform firm, it was announced today. This acquisition, a first for the business, represents Aiven’s transition from contributor to steward of open source communities. Kafkawize has changed its name to Klaw as part of this change.

By providing a Kafka governance interface that can handle topic-level operations, Klaw directly addresses the needs of developers. The Apache License 2.0 will continue to govern Klaw’s development as an open source project now that it is a member of Aiven’s Open Source Program Office. Murali Basani, the creator and founder of Kafkawize, will also work with the Aiven Open Source Program Office to continue developing Klaw.

“While most organizations are widely adopting Kafka in their technology stacks, companies are also struggling with improper governance of hundreds of topics created and their authorizations. I started Kafkawize in 2018 to help answer important questions around topic ownership and security. I wanted to fill these and other gaps around the governance of Kafka topics, acls, schemas and connectors in an auditable way,” said Basani. “With Aiven’s support, Klaw can reach its full potential in the coming years. I am excited to continue this open source journey at Aiven.”

When increasing the usage of Apache Kafka®, enterprises confront challenges with user management and topic-level operations. Klaw offers data governance with enterprise grade security and user management capability. With increased usage and a developing ecosystem, Apache Kafka® utilisation is becoming more complex. Klaw enables businesses to improve regulatory compliance, make better decisions, and maximise the effectiveness of their Apache Kafka® footprint at scale.

Aiven supports its staff members’ personal open source endeavours in addition to the Open Source Program Office, which was established in April 2021. This support comes in the form of the Plankton Program, which enables staff members to receive payment for time spent engaging in open source activities outside of the workplace. It enables Aiven to encourage and acknowledge the additional effort and enhancements its staff members make to the larger open source ecosystem.



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