Aphex Twin Introduces Open Source SampleBrain For Sample Mashing


Samplebrain, a sample-mashing program, was released by Dave Griffiths and Aphex Twin. You will be busy for the remainder of the week with it because it’s free and open source.

The concept is that you want to play about with a target sample that you have. It is broken up by Samplebrain, which then attempts to match the pieces with blocks from other samples stored in its “brain.” The interpretation of one sound by another is therefore based on a network of similarities.

It became primarily a glitch fest of chaotic noise as they added more and more elements throughout the production in 2015 and 2016. However, that depends on how well you can select samples and understand how things work.

Fortunately, there is a demo session that you may download (separately) that at the very least validates that the glitchy noise-laden strangulation of samples that you are hearing is about correct and that you are not performing it incorrectly with your own samples.

A fascinating method for producing intriguing results from samples you already have is Samplebrain. It is excessively inventive and environmentally conscious. You should probably give it a try; it’s compatible with macOS, Linux, and Windows.

Dave mentions on his ThenTryThis.org website “Below is a schematic sketch from when we were planning how it should work, showing bits of waveforms being matched to a target on the right. We planned more visualisation like this, but as we focused on the real time aspects, listening became key to understanding how it was working,”


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