StackAid Assists Developers In Funding Dependencies For Open Source Projects


You have access to necessary tools and services thanks to free and open source projects without having to spend any money. While it seems fantastic, many initiatives require funds to remain operational and maybe enhance your experience. Thankfully, there are a number of venues available to assist and finance open source projects:

But how can the project maintainers and contributors pay for the dependencies that go along with them?

In a single project, there could be hundreds of dependencies. Therefore, in order to begin fundraising, there are several difficult things to complete:

  • The obligation to promote open source initiatives.
  • Picking a project to support.
  • Selecting the donation subscription tier for each project’s funding.
  • Keep track of the financial dependencies.

It’s interesting that StackAid, a service, exists to address the issue. StackAid promises to assist you in simultaneously funding all of your project’s dependencies. Through its GitHub app (invite-only access), it identifies the direct and indirect dependencies of your project and distributes funds according to your subscription among them.

The cost of a StackAid subscription is $15. To automatically list the dependencies, you need your project’s package.json file or can create a stackaid.json file (using a GitHub action). Of course, you can manually add to and change the list. Additionally, you have the option to choose which dependencies you want to support.

After that, it automates the funding distribution by dividing your subscription money equally among all of the dependencies. It should be noted that StackAid receives the same sum from the subscription fee as a direct reliance. It can only take up to 7.5% of the entire subscription amount. Installing the StackAid GitHub app enables open-source projects to claim their repositories, according to StackAid.


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