The Open Source Notesnook, Alternative To Evernote


New note-taking app Notesnook, which prioritises privacy, made the decision to become open source. The app is end-to-end encrypted and open source. Additionally, it’s among the top Linux note-taking applications:

Standard Notes’ privacy-focused competition, which offers features akin to those of the well-liked Evernote note-taking programme, is rather scarcer. Thankfully, Notesnook is a new way for us to join the list. To allow the community to contribute to its improvement and ensure the project’s longevity, Notesnook recently become open source under the GPLv3 licence. The developers plan to first concentrate on making the GitHub repository better before adding additional features and engaging in other development tasks.

A zero-knowledge notes storage platform with end-to-end encryption is called Notesnook. You can use it for free or choose the premium plan to gain access to a few more features, similar to Standard Notes. Among the highlights are:

  • Mobile app lock.
  • A secure repository for notes.
  • Sharing notes with password protection.
  • Multiplatform.

The user interface appears to combine all of the best features. It seems interesting, so I’ll be curious to look at it separately for a review or perhaps a comparison. It works with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. For the Linux desktop, you can download a.deb/.rpm file or an AppImage file.

In addition, Notesnook is providing up to a 75% discount on its yearly premium plan, which comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, to commemorate being open source. Try it out first to decide if you want the premium plan. I see an 80% savings when looking at the Indian offering, putting the cost of a year’s subscription only $10. For other regions, it can be different. For further information, visit its GitHub page or the official website. You can also read their blog post on why they choose to use open source software.


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