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Intel and DataStax Are Working Together to Advance Apache Cassandra


Collaboration aimed at delivering innovations and techniques that improve the functionality of the potent NoSQL Cassandra database and Pulsar streaming technologies on Intel’s line of processors

The real-time data startup DataStax announced a strategic partnership with Intel to improve the performance of systems based on the Apache Cassandra® database and the Apache PulsarTM messaging and streaming technology on the most recent Intel Xeon Scalable processors. In addition to providing enterprise and cloud solutions based on these potent open source initiatives, the companies intend to make improvements to each project. DataStax has been chosen for the Intel Disruptor Initiative, in which Intel works with a limited group of cutting-edge businesses that are redefining innovation.

Working together to develop new innovations and improve performance

Largely scalable databases, such as Apache Cassandra, function best on machinery designed specifically to support database workloads. Through this partnership, Intel and DataStax are working together to provide Apache Cassandra with CPUs that can support this utilisation in order to contribute to its long-term success. Apache Cassandra and Apache Pulsar’s strength, along with Intel’s long-lasting processors, will pave the path for efficient database operations and quick access to crucial data.

The Intel-DataStax partnership will also concentrate on introducing the most recent Cassandra and Pulsar technologies to academic institutions around the world in order to speed up innovation and train the following generation of programmers and data scientists on these potent open source initiatives.

Real-Time Data Powering with DataStax

With well-known products like Astra DB, DataStax’s cloud database built on Apache Cassandra, the company is already a significant supporter of the Cassandra and Pulsar open-source projects. Astra DB makes it simple for customers to access and utilise all of Cassandra’s capabilities without having to deal with the hassle of managing infrastructure. End-to-end security, global scalability, and streamlined operations are all features of the serverless platform.

Astra Streaming, the company’s Apache Pulsar-based cloud-native data streaming platform, recently went generally available. Users can improve their data in motion strategy and upgrade their event-driven architecture thanks to it.



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