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Cossack Labs Updates Security Package For Open Source Database

Cossack Labs has released version 0.90.0 of its flagship open-source database security package Acra, and has made many of its security capabilities previously only...

ServiceNow Acquires Swarm64 to Secure Open Source Space

ServiceNow has signed an agreement to acquire Berlin based Swarm64, a database company to gain bigger foothold in the open source space. The acquisition...

Using Python DataFrames for Advanced Database Applications

A DataFrame is a two-dimensional structure in which data is arrayed in labelled rows and columns. Pandas is a specialised Python library used effectively...

Cosmos DB: Microsoft’s New Globally Distributed and Horizontally Scalable Database Service

Data is gold in today’s world. But it has no value unless it is processed, manipulated and used to derive useful insights. Databases enable...

An Introduction to Cassandra

A database is an organised collection of data that is generally stored and accessed electronically from a computer system. There are numerous databases that...

Monet DB The Column-Store Pioneer

Persistence of data is what makes application software usable. Data persistence has come a long way from simple file based storage to the latest...

Simplify Database Migration by Using Object Relational Mapping

Web applications are developed using different programming languages for various components. Effecting changes to the database applications within the app is a cumbersome process...

Database Programming in Python

For database programming, the Python DB API is a widely used module that provides a database application programming interface.

FoundationDB Document Layer Now Available on GitHub

FoundationDB Document Layer is a document-oriented database that extends the core functionality of the FoundationDB key-value store. FoundationDB is open sourcing the FoundationDB Document Layer,...

RethinkDB: A NoSQL Database for Real-Time Applications

Faster than conventional databases, RethinkDB works in real-time. This open source, distributed and document-oriented database is designed to store JSON documents in an operable...