ShapeShift Migrates Legacy Users Using A New Open Source Application


As ShapeShift retires and moves its users to the new open source, decentralised web and mobile app, significant milestones are reached in the community’s and app’s road to full decentralisation.

ShapeShift DAO, a decentralised, non-custodial cryptocurrency platform and community, announced today the transition of native web users to a decentralised version of the app they have long enjoyed along with the launch of a new mobile app, enabling everyone to experience a truly authentic DeFi universe from any platform, anywhere in the world. ShapeShift’s goal as a free, community-owned programme is to give users access to a single, unified platform that collects all wallets, chains, and protocols. The flexibility, mobility, and functionalities users have access to while dealing with the decentralised world are substantially expanded by the new mobile app support along with the user migration from while maintaining a user-friendly crypto interface.

ShapeShift has been hard at work developing a new, open source, and inclusive way to interface with the decentralised world, including more options for purchasing, trading, investing, and managing assets since they converted to a DAO in July of last year. As ShapeShift closes down its centralised infrastructure and transitions users to the new open source online and mobile app, personal information about users is planned to be permanently deleted. Users must back up their 12-word secret recovery phrase using these simple instructions in order to maintain access to their native ShapeShift wallet when Shapeshift transitions to a fully decentralised DeFi experience.

The ShapeShift app is swiftly becoming into the simplest method to engage with every aspect of the Web3 ecosystem, riding the wave of recent chain and protocol integrations like Avalanche and THORChain. Users have the best access to a plethora of DeFi protocols and Web3 primitives, whether they are at home or on the road, thanks to the open source platform’s special capacity to aggregate DApps and protocols and package it into both a slick mobile and web experience.

ShapeShift Native wallet and WalletConnect are supported by the new mobile app right now, and support for MetaMask, Portis, and other wallets will be added shortly after launch. Users can visit the web app in the interim if they want to connect using one of the many supported wallets they already have.


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