Spyderbat Releases Open Source Cloud Native Visibility And Security Program


Spyderbat’s open source tools provide new insights on workload activities and behaviours to meet the needs of Platform Engineering and DevOps teams.

A firm namely Spyderbat, which specialises in cloud native runtime security, recently unveiled its Open Source initiative, which will give new tools to boost visibility and security in cloud native systems. The Spyderbat Falco Connector connects the well-known Falco open source tool for container security with the Spyderbat platform. Spydertop is an htop-like tool for studying the historical behaviour of a workload’s processes.

Spyderbat presents its initiative to participate and contribute to the open source community with helpful ideas that address practical issues.

Two new tools, Spydertop and Falco Connector, are a part of the Spyderbat open source programme.

  • The popular troubleshooting tool htop’s view is similar in Spydertop, a command-line utility with the additional ability to retrieve historical data sets through Spyderbat’s API. This new feature turns out to be tremendously helpful for resolving sporadic or challenging-to-replicate problems.
  • Using the Spyderbat Falco Connector, Falco events may be imported into the Spyderbat platform. Spyderbat’s real-time mapping of Falco intrusion detection events reveals processes and network activity causally related to the Falco event, including actions occurring in other containers or on the host itself. As a result, the noise of false positives is reduced, and the core cause of genuine concerns is revealed right away.

The launch of Spyderbat’s open source initiative and the announcement of fresh Series A funding coincide, fostering expansion for the company’s cloud native runtime security solution. Both the Linux Foundation and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation are members of Spyderbat.

On October 26–28, Spyderbat will have a booth at KubeCon+CloudNativeCon. Visit Spyderbat’s booth #SU45 to learn more about their cloud native runtime security solution.


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