A New Movie Highlights The Open Source Impact


A new movie will explain how open source technology altered the application monitoring scene.

The release of “Inside Prometheus: An Open Source System That Changed Technology,” a documentary film that gives audiences a behind-the-scenes look at one of the fastest-growing open source frameworks in the world from conception to widespread adoption, was announced today by Speakeasy Productions. The ability of the computer sector to monitor the programmes that run everything from e-commerce websites to databases has been greatly enhanced by Prometheus.

The Prometheus open source project was developed throughout the course of this gripping documentary, giving viewers a personal glimpse at how it grew to be a game-changer in the open source market and used by millions of developers and businesses around the world. The video tells the origin story of one of the fastest-growing open source projects ever developed and includes well-known pioneers, executives, and engineers from the Prometheus and open source communities.

The open source Prometheus project gathers and maintains metrics that allow for the monitoring of applications with the aim of increasing their speed and effectiveness. Its development began in 2012 in an effort to address the growing issue of the dearth of suitable monitoring tools for contemporary software stacks. Companies lack visibility into how to modify or fix programmes to increase performance without effective monitoring. An open source monitoring system was developed by a team of SoundCloud engineers to more effectively find system outages and faults. The team overcame the enormous task of creating a brand-new monitoring system from scratch, and in 2016 they joined the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and launched the Prometheus open source project.

“Creating this film was both a labor of love and a chance to give back and help the project build and sustain its community and attract new contributors,” said Chad Torbin, Executive Producer and founder of Speakeasy Strategies, an international public relations agency that represents developer-led companies. “An active and supportive community is the heart of any open-source project but great code is not always enough to bring developers to a project or build that community. With films like this, we hope to inspire the next generation of project founders and amplify the untold stories of their impact on shaping technology. Prometheus is one of those special projects we aim to support, with more documentary films to come.”


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