Gitpod, An Open Source Developer Platform, Obtains $25M


The new category created by the corporation is intended to increase productivity among the most expensive and in-demand workers for businesses: developers.

Gitpod GmbH, a start-up open source developer platform, revealed today that it has raised $25 million in fresh funding to establish a new category it calls cloud development environments.

The Series A investment was led by Tom Preston-Werner, the creator and former CEO of GitHub. Other notable individual investors included General Catalyst, Crane Venture Partners, Vertex Ventures US, Speedinvest, Pebblebed, GTMfund, and MongoDB Ventures. According to information from Crunchbase, Gitpod has now raised $14 million in total, including the fresh capital.

Gitpod, a 2019 startup, provides an online integrated development environment that can be opened from any GitHub page in a web browser. The business claims that Gitpod offers a fully functional programming environment with support for desktop or browser-based VS Code or any JetBrains integrated development environment, enabling developers to get started coding in only a few seconds. The exact project that is being updated is automatically configured in a separate cloud-based Linux container.

To reduce the hassle of manually setting up and maintaining a development environment, there is a service called Gitpod. According to the business, developers can work more rapidly using Gitpod since it gives them access to all the tools they need to upgrade or build new apps more quickly.

Gitpod’s platform was being used by more than 350,000 developers as of its most recent investment round in April 2021. Eighteen months later, there are now 750,000 people. Gitpod is used by developer teams at notable organisations like Google LLC, GitLab Inc., DataStax Inc., and Amazon Web Services Inc.

According to Gitpod, clients report losing up to five hours of work time per week due to unreliable development environments; CDEs are designed to fix this issue.

The organisation guarantees that they will be instantaneously accessible and offer limitless secure development settings. A workspace plugin system, application programming interfaces, and enhanced extensibility are on the development agenda. With preview environments and new collaborative procedures, CDEs are also believed to open up completely new options for team members to collaborate more closely.


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