Grafana Labs Announces New Open Source Software For Monitoring Applications


At the startup’s annual ObservabilityCON 2022 event today, both technologies made their public debuts.

Two open source tools are being made available by Grafana Labs Inc. that are intended to assist developers in streamlining their applications and fixing bugs more quickly. Grafana Labs, situated in New York, is funded to the tune of more than $535 million by Sequoia Capital, Coatue, and other investors. One of the most well-liked open source solutions for spotting technical problems in IT infrastructure, Grafana, is created by the company. The startup also provides a number of other open source tools designed to aid IT teams in finding and resolving issues more quickly.

Grafana makes money by offering its products in commercial editions, which come with extra features like enhanced cybersecurity controls. Software from the startup can be used both on-premises and in the cloud by businesses.

Grafana Phlare is the first new open-source product that Grafana Labs introduced today. It enables programmers to monitor the CPU usage, memory needs, and other hardware consumption parameters of an application. Grafana claims that the data supplied by Phlare can assist developers in locating chances to improve the resource-efficiency of their product.

According to Grafana, Phlare can assess how much resource each line of code in an application is using. The programme makes numerous copies of the application data it gathers, so in the event of an outage, no data is lost. In public cloud storage services like the Amazon S3 platform from Amazon Web Services Inc., organisations can store the gathered data.

“These days, companies really care that they are able to be online, that their applications are performing fast, that their users aren’t getting annoyed and switching to a competitor,” said Grafana Labs co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Raj Dutt. “The experience and the quality of that online experience is of paramount importance to everybody. So making sure all the software and infrastructure is running, and running properly, is top of mind for every company.”

The second open source product that Grafana unveiled today, Phlare, is launching concurrently with Grafana Faro. Faro is made to assist developers in identifying any technological problems that can harm an application’s user interface. The technology gathers technical information regarding conceivable flaws and makes it accessible via a centralised monitoring dashboard.

Developers typically need to add a sizable amount of so-called instrumentation code to an application’s code base in order to gather information about faults in the application. According to Grafana, Faro makes the procedure simpler. The startup claims that two lines of code allow the tool to be deployed in a matter of seconds.

Faro gathers a variety of technical information regarding the user interface of a programme. It can gather logs, data points that describe certain occurrences like outages, as well as details on the performance of applications and coding faults. Grafana Labs’ IT infrastructure monitoring platform, which bears the company’s name, is where users can choose to transmit the tool’s collected data for analysis.


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