FHSmart100 Board Is Now Supported By Open Source HarmonyOS


The OpenHarmony is compatible with over 10 products, including 2 distributed software, 1 development board, and 7 commercial devices, and has been bought by China’s Uisibo.

With the open source HarmonyOS operating system, Chinese business players are creating new development chances as the software gains more traction. The open source HarmonyOS operating system is supported by the FHSmart100 development board, which was just released by China’s Fuzhou Huisibo Information Technology.

A printed circuit board with a microprocessor and the bare minimum of supporting logic is called a microprocessor development board. It can be used by electronic engineers or anyone else who wants to get to know the microprocessor on the board and learn how to program it.

The FHSmart100 development board is a smart device development board created based on Zhanrui SL8541E, UIS8581E, and UIS7862S, according to information provided on the official website. The FlyHongOS, a smart software distribution created by Huisibo and based on the OpenHarmony open source HarmonyOS system, is also included with the FHSmart100.

The TMC THM3652 SE security chip, which may provide data protection at the level of financial security, is another option available to the development board. Thermographic printing, key and sensitive data protection, SAM cards, IC cards, non-contact IC cards, and other business processing functions are also possible to utilise with it.

The motherboard has scalable financial-level security capabilities and a pluggable design. As a result, FHSmart100 is appropriate for many different businesses including those in finance, government, industry, mining, electric power, education, road transportation, and automotive electronics.


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