Myddleware Facilitates And Makes Complicated Data Integration Available, Here Is How


Similar to how important accessibility is to Moodle, Myddleware adheres to the open source concept in order to provide their integration tool for free and meet your specific data needs.

To maintain productivity and efficiency, it is essential to verify that your data is correctly synchronised with your various applications. You may easily move data between your Moodle platform and other programmes, like your e-commerce, CRM, messaging tools, and more, using the open source data connection technology known as Myddleware.

Myddleware is simple to use, and you don’t need to write any code thanks to their integration tool. As a result, using the tool doesn’t require you to be an expert and helps to ease the frequently complex problem of data integration. Complete data models can be easily transferred and synced between applications. Additionally, the solution not only allows you to share your data separately but also the connections between your data units.

The vast amount of data that is contained in your apps can only be accessed in a restricted way with several solutions. All of the modules, objects, and fields that house your data may be transformed, moved, and synced from one app to another with the help of Myddleware. You now have unrestricted access to all data units in your applications.

You can also transfer and access older data using Myddleware by utilising the reference date, which is the time the information was first entered into the database. In addition, you can modify previous data items using new integration rules. As with more recent data, you can transfer and sync historical data between your applications.

Carles Aguiló-Collado, Technology Partner Manager at Moodle, states, No single learning tool fulfills all educational needs, so we all need to be better connected with each other. By providing a no-code platform to automate data sharing, Myddleware democratises the ability to establish these connections between tools and makes it available to the non tech-savvy. In addition, it is an open source tool, which aligns with how we see the future of ed tech. This makes Myddleware the perfect partner for Moodle to provide data automation.”


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