OCP Tool By Magic Eden To Soon Require NFT Creator Royalties


The Metaplex SPL token norm for Solana-based NFTs is expanded upon by the OCP. The current Ethereum toolset from OpenSea and Magic Eden’s OCP are comparable.

At the NFT space, creator royalties could be in peril. Particularly on Solana, where nearly all significant markets have stopped requiring traders to cover charges. The most well-known Solana marketplace, Magic Eden, has took steps to create a more reliable system to enforce creative royalties.

The startup just unveiled the Open Creator Protocol, which has a $1.6 billion valuation (OCP). An open source application that will assist in ensuring that the creators of new Solana NFT projects receive royalties whenever their assets are sold on secondary markets It goes beyond the Metaplex SPL token standard for NFTs based in Solana.

The seller is responsible for paying the creator royalties in an NFT transaction. They typically range from 5 to 10% of the selling price. Additionally, the funds are transferred into a cryptocurrency wallet that is overseen by the NFT project’s developers. These fees may be a significant source of income if an NFT initiative stimulates a lot of secondary trading activity.

Magic The newest Ethereum toolset from OpenSea is comparable to Eden’s OCP. aiming to give NFT developers the ability to blockade markets that don’t pay royalties on authorised assets. To put it another way, a trading platform will be added to the OCP’s blocklist and the NFTs won’t be allowed to be traded on it if it doesn’t agree to the necessity for OCP to impose royalties for OCP-enabled NFTs.

According to Magic Eden’s CEO Jack Lu, producers have the opportunity to make additional alterations if they so choose, despite the company keeping a record of limited markets. When the open source solution becomes available to consumers on Friday, any Solana NFT marketplace that wants to respect royalties on OCP projects may support it.


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