Triggermesh Offers A Free Alternative To AWS Eventbridge With Project Shaker


Developers can construct, set up, and execute TriggerMesh on a system with Docker using the command line interface for TriggerMesh, tmctl. Then, if desired, they route to an external target by utilising TriggerMesh’s Bumblebee transformation component.

Shaker, a new open source AWS EventBridge substitute project that gathers, processes, and distributes events from numerous out-of-the-box and bespoke event sources in a consistent manner, was recently introduced by TriggerMesh, a supplier of cloud-native integration platforms.

The Shaker project uses the CloudEvents specification to offer a consistent method of working with events. It may be used with HTTP webhooks, Kafka, event sources and targets on AWS, Azure, and GCP. It also has a transformation engine built on a straightforward DSL that may, if required, be managed using code-based transformations.

The business hopes that Shaker will appeal to DevOps, SREs, and platform engineers that are searching for a single location to create and consume events in order to develop real-time applications. It has features that are comparable to those of AWS EventBridge, but it is open source and may be used anyplace that supports Docker or Kubernetes. Additionally, it is made to record events from any custom or SaaS application as well as from any cloud provider.


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