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Kafdrop Flaw Allows Data of ‘Major Global Players’ at Risk

A security flaw in Kafdrop, an open-source interface for distributed event streaming platform Apache Kafka, has exposed data of undisclosed number of companies at...

Apache Kafka: A Framework for Handling Real-Time Data Feeds

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform. It is incredibly fast, which is why thousands of companies like Twitter, LinkedIn, Oracle, Mozilla and Netflix...

Apache Kafka New Open Source Data Management Service

To lineup high amount of data streams, Instaclustr announces the launch of open source software Apache kafka to manage data services. Apache Kafka is open-source...

LinkedIn develops load balancing tool to support Kafka clusters

  LinkedIn has announced the development of a new load balancing tool called Cruise Control. This new development promises to keep Kafka clusters up and...

Apache Kafka gets mingled with SQL

  Apache Kafka, the key component in many data pipeline architectures, is getting SQL support. San Francisco-based Confluent has released an open source streaming SQL...

Kafka load generation for streaming analytics

  We live in the big data era where a massive amount of real-time data is getting generated by various sources including business and social...