Confluent Intends To Purchase Immerok To Develop A Cloud-Native Apache Flink Offering


Through acquisition, the data streaming platform in the market would gain key Flink contributors and stream processing specialists from Immerok.

Today, Confluent, Inc. revealed that it has finalised a deal to buy Immerok. Immerok is a key contributor to Apache Flink, one of the most well-known Apache open source projects and a potent tool for creating applications for stream processing. For businesses wishing to handle data streams at scale and provide real-time analytical insight, Immerok has created a cloud-native, fully managed Flink solution. After the deal is completed, the Immerok leadership would bring a wealth of stream processing experience to the Confluent team as well as several members of the Flink Project Management Committee and Committers for the open source technology. Investors in Immerok have included Cortical Ventures, 468 Capital, and Cusp Capital.

Confluent hopes to speed up the release of a fully managed Flink offering with Immerok that is compatible with its industry-leading managed Kafka service, Confluent Cloud. Customers will soon have access to the three top stream processing technologies created expressly to handle and enrich data in real-time thanks to the native Confluent solutions of Flink, Kafka Streams, and ksqlDB.

Data streaming, which enables businesses to connect their numerous various apps, data systems, and SaaS layers in real time, is crucial for succeeding in today’s digital-first environment. Businesses can deliver faster workflows, increased automation, and ultimately better customer experiences and more effective business operations with a unified and constantly updated view of their data.

Even though there are many alternative stream processing solutions available today, Flink is becoming more popular among developers. Flink is the third most popular repository in terms of commits, has great performance, and serves mission-critical use cases at cutting-edge businesses like Uber, Apple, Apple, and Goldman Sachs.

Additionally, Immerok’s executive team and core engineering team are direct descendants of Apache Flink’s original developers, bringing to Confluent their unmatched expertise and knowledge. For Confluent Cloud, a public preview of the Flink product is scheduled for 2023. The first priority for Confluent will be to create a world-class Apache Flink service for Confluent Cloud, offering a cloud-native experience that offers the same simplicity, security, and scalability for Flink that customers have come to expect from Confluent for Kafka.

“I’m deeply excited about the opportunity to combine our deep Flink expertise with the world’s foremost Kafka experts,” said Holger Temme, co-founder and CEO, Immerok. “Together, we can deliver a cloud-native data streaming platform that gives customers the combined power of the best of the stream processing layer, with the best of the data movement and storage layer, so they can unlock new insights from data in real time.”


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