Cooler Master To Accommodate Third-Party APIs In Their Next Update


An open source API will likely evolve and offer functions that even Cooler Master can’t expect, with unified RGB control as an attractive prospect, among others.

Cooler Master described plans at CES to switch to an open source version of its MasterPlus+ software suite with an update, allowing users to monitor even more computer hardware and control components such as PC case fans and RGB accessories.

Discussing their plans with Albert of Boring Text Reviews(opens in new tab) at the conference in Las Vegas, Cooler Master made it clear that while this opens up possibilities for third-party parts to be controlled by the software, certain features will remain inaccessible by the new API.

Various manufacturers provide customizable multi-colored lighting on variations of their hardware but often require first-party software to control it. Discussing the potential of the API, Cooler Master representatives demonstrated how it could control external displays, with more undisclosed functions coming later.

Cloud integration will be added as part of a similar update for the MasterPlus+ suite in addition to the open-source revamp. The software won’t be as open in the cloud or on mobile devices, according to Cooler Master, but it will still be compatible with third-party parts. Users won’t be required to use the cloud capability, and the suite’s focus on software will continue. More information is reportedly on the way.


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