Nix Management Startup Flox Raises $16.5M In Funding


Nix is now more easily available to the corporate since it makes it simpler for developers to access its sizable repository of carefully chosen packages.

Nix environment management company FloxDev Inc. announced today that it has raised $16.5 million in new funding and has launched its new open source flox platform to build on Nix’s distinctive approach to package management and system configuration.

A functional deployment paradigm is used by the cross-platform package manager Nix, which installs software in distinct directories. According to the company, the new flox open-source platform offers comfort, teamwork, and control across the systems development life cycle. It accomplishes this by introducing additional features to Nix, including portable, completely isolated development, test, and production environments, a specially curated selection of software packages, and tooling for cycle management.

According to Flox, firms must reassess how they create and deliver software as a result of larger code bases, complicated software dependencies, cloud-native technologies, and security breaches. As a result, businesses are beginning to shift away from containers and towards tools and platforms that can enhance their build and development process, increase productivity, deliver higher-quality code, repeatability, and stack visibility – in any environment.

The platform offers developer, test, and production environments that are created and maintained as code, enabling enterprises to adopt and utilise Nix. Users can simply exchange environments and packages with flox while integrating into current workflows across teams, machines, people, and organisations.

For security and compliance, flox gives full access into the software stack for apps used in production environments, enabling real-time vulnerability management and detection without scanning. The Series A round, which was headed by New Enterprise Associates, brought the total amount of venture capital funding secured by flox to $27 million. Aaron Applbaum and Hetz Ventures have both made prior investments.

“We created flox to give developers better collaboration and control over their development lifecycle, including improved automation over production releases, reduced operational risk and increased productivity,” Ron Efroni, co-founder and chief executive of flox, said in a statement. “We recognized the vast power of Nix but knew there was a market need to take developer tools to the next level, providing versioned environments-as-code that could be consistently released, updated and maintained and that could offer improved security and efficiency.”


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