The Open Source Intelligence Framework Octosuite Is Available On GitHub


Through GitHub’s Public APIs, Octosuite offers a variety of functions to analyse publicly accessible GitHub accounts and repositories.

The most recent version 3.1.0 of the open source intelligence (OSINT) framework Octosuite was just made available. Octosuite, a Python-based tool, offers a safe and intuitive interface for quickly searching and exploring data pertaining to a repository, organisation, or user. To identify pertinent data fast, the search feature also searches for themes, commits, and issues. Every search result is exported in a CSV file that can be read by other programmes.

Through a command-line interface (CUI) or graphical user interface, users can begin using Octosuite. While GUI allows users to search commands from a dropdown menu, CLI is more flexible when processing data in batches.

After installing Octosuite, the user must launch Octosuite in the terminal. Octosuite will make an effort to establish three directories at launch time:.logs for storing session logs, output for saving CSV files, and download for saving source code via source command.

Since 26% of firms now use open source investigative tools, the market for open source intelligence is anticipated to develop significantly over the next five years. Additionally, readers may want to consult this list of OSINT materials.

For open source investigators, security researchers, and anyone who wants to quickly examine and probe data hosted on GitHub, Octosuite is a crucial tool. For instance, Octosuite can be used to look into instances like the 2022 GitHub Malware Attack, in which a single user account compromised more than 35,000 repositories.


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