Bitwarden Introduces Secrets Management Using A Novel Open Source Combination


Bitwarden Secrets Manager, which is currently in open beta, provides developer, DevOps, and IT teams with an easy and practical way to centrally secure, regulate, and administer infrastructure secrets.

The open beta of Bitwarden Secrets Manager, which is intended to centrally secure and manage highly sensitive authentication credentials within privileged developer and DevOps environments, was introduced today by Bitwarden, the open source password manager used by millions of people worldwide.

Utilizing a variety of platforms and tools, development teams work on a variety of apps and multi-cloud infrastructures. This results in dispersed secrets that are hard to manage and control or are hard-coded into source code files, such as API tokens, keys, passwords, credentials, certificates, and more.

Existing options are cumbersome for many teams and have steep learning curves. The consequences are grave: GitLab projects were susceptible to secrets being leaked in 18% of cases, according to the GitLab Security Trends analysis. 5 million user credentials and other secrets are exposed on GitHub each year, according to a second GitGuardian report.

Bitwarden Secrets Manager offers a single, straightforward, and practical method for developers, DevOps, and IT teams to secure, control, and handle secrets. The new service, which is currently in beta, is built on the same industry-leading end-to-end encryption, zero knowledge, and trusted open source foundation as the business’s top password management product.


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