Industry Research Firm Recognizes Red Hat As Leader In Infrastructure Automation


The strategy category awards Ansible Automation Platform with the highest score, as recognized.

The Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform has been recognized as a leader in The Forrester WaveTM: Infrastructure Automation, Q1 2023 by Forrester Research, according to Red Hat, Inc., a provider of open source solutions in the world.

The top 11 infrastructure automation providers were chosen by Forrester Research, who then investigated, evaluated, and rated them. For The Forrester WaveTM, Red Hat and the other leading vendors were assessed based on 30 criteria divided into three groups: present offering, strategy, and market presence. In the study, Red Hat achieved the highest ratings possible in 13 categories, including partner ecosystem, revenue, average deal size, planned innovations, execution roadmap, community support, and product vision.

This year, Red Hat will showcase its upcoming automation breakthroughs on a larger open source platform thanks to the addition of AnsibleFest, the premier IT automation technology conference, to Red Hat Summit 2023. Ansible Automation Platform offers the necessary speed, agility, consistency, and resilience for the deployment of hybrid cloud automation at scale. Customers can rely on the Ansible Automation Platform’s ongoing advancements to meet their management needs across the organization, free up IT staff, and concentrate on business innovations.

As per Forrester’s evaluation, “Red Hat sets the pace of the market by addressing operational challenges, skill gaps, and budgetary pressures. Its strength lies in its community, which has led to solid partnerships and supporting services. Red Hat capitalizes on this ecosystem by adopting and embracing the work of contributors. Key upcoming features include trusted automation supply chain, Event-Driven Ansible, and AI-led automation through Project Wisdom.”


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