“Fujitsu Kozuchi,” A New AI Platform From Fujitsu Gets Released


The “Fujitsu AI Platform” gives commercial users all over the world access to a variety of potent AI and ML technologies.

With a portfolio of tools and software components based on Fujitsu’s advanced AI technologies, the new platform enables customers from a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, retail, finance, and healthcare, to accelerate the testing and deployment of advanced AI technologies for the specific business challenges they face. The platform offers best-in-class tools, such as Fujitsu AutoML for automating the creation of machine learning models, Fujitsu AI Ethics for Fairness for evaluating the fairness of AI models, Fujitsu’s AI for causal discovery, and Fujitsu Wide Learning to simulate scientific discovery processes, as well as streamlined access to open-source software (OSS) and AI technologies from partner businesses.

The new platform intends to secure the trustworthiness of AI solutions to speed societal deployment of AI solutions and contribute to the realisation of a sustainable society by using the knowledge and feedback of many stakeholders, including developers and users of AI. Starting on April 20, 2023, Fujitsu will begin making tools available to users worldwide through the new platform, including AI innovation components and AI core engines.

In order to accelerate the delivery of cutting-edge AI solutions for its “Fujitsu Uvance” portfolio, Fujitsu will actively participate in open-source community activities with The Linux Foundation and promote co-creation activities with customers from the R&D stage.

guiding people to the most appropriate AI solution for their particular business problems
In attempts to modernise and streamline operations across a variety of industries and business domains, AI and ML technologies are a crucial component. For many businesses, however, choosing the best combination of AI solutions to address unusual and frequently complicated problems remains a constant challenge, frequently impeding the successful use of AI technology in actual operations. In order to solve this problem, Fujitsu introduced its new AI platform, which offers cutting-edge AI innovation components and AI core engines. This platform facilitates the application of AI in business processes by enabling faster customer verification of various prospective AI solutions.

Fujitsu will provide fresh, cutting-edge AI technologies from their R&D stage on the platform in order to establish an agile development cycle and continuously enhance parts and engines based on user input. By working together with clients to co-create new AI use cases, Fujitsu hopes to further improve AI technology.

Overview of the new platform
The following solutions are offered by the “Fujitsu Kozuchi (code name) – Fujitsu AI Platform”:

AI solutions for workflow analysis and product defect inspection in smart factories;

  • AI solutions for consumer behaviour analysis in smart retailers;
  • AI solutions for suspicious behaviour identification in smart cities.

Core AI algorithms include:

  • Fujitsu AutoML for creating machine learning models automatically.
  • Fujitsu AI Ethics for Fairness for evaluating how fair AI models are.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) for causal discovery to thoroughly extract significant causal linkages from varied data to create new findings.
  • Fujitsu Wide Learning to simulate the processes involved in scientific discovery.

helping to expedite the creation and application of cutting-edge AI solutions

1. AI innovation components focused on the needs of customers to expedite AI deployment procedures: The new platform provides a variety of AI technologies combined with use cases specifically designed to address consumer issues. The platform enables demonstration trials without requiring technological research or selection processes by customers, thus significantly speeding up the verification of AI technologies. It also provides cutting-edge OSS and AI technologies of partner companies in a standardised and optimised form. In a previous use case, a manufacturer’s customer was able to cut the time needed to build a demonstration system from three months to only three days by leveraging the platform’s components for work-flow analysis.

2. To give users access to cutting-edge AI technology, AI core engines: The platform includes “AI core engines,” tools and software elements that are based on Fujitsu’s cutting-edge AI technology, in addition to AI innovation components. Fujitsu wants to assist customers in discovering new business opportunities and enhancing the effectiveness of their own AI development and operation processes by providing direct access to its cutting-edge technologies. Customers may swiftly create unique, high-precision AI models with Fujitsu AutoML, an AI core engine for automated production of machine learning models.

3. AI reliability support technologies: The reliability of AI solutions is a growingly critical problem. The platform offers trusted AI technologies from Fujitsu, including AI ethics technology, which ensures the ethical development and use of AI, AI quality technology, which ensures the accuracy and precision of AI models, and AI security technology, which guards AI models from cyber-attacks.


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