India Adopts Open Source Software To Strengthen The Tech Sector Despite Job Losses

Businessmen with laptop computer

By 2025, OOS is predicted to generate revenues of $350-400 billion and contribute to the cost-cutting, security, and dependability improvements of enterprise software.

The Indian government is promoting the use of open source software even though layoffs are the norm in the information technology sector worldwide. (OOS). Government agencies must prioritise open source software (OSS) solutions in procurement and improve the security and dependability of enterprise software, according to the government’s information technology law.

The Indian parliament’s introduction of the IT law in late 2022 aims to encourage the use of open-source software in all spheres of business and government. The bill mandates that government organisations favour open-source software options when making purchases and promotes the use of open standards for data sharing. Given that India is among the top five economies worldwide, there are possibilities for OSS.

Organizations around the globe have adopted cutting-edge alternative solutions to optimise costs by exploring OSS, in accordance with the 2021 policy of the Indian Government’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) titled “Adoption of Open-Source Software for Government of India.”

Large and small businesses have now begun to recognise the dependability of open-source platforms to meet the majority of their operational requirements. Businesses with their headquarters in Germany, like SUSE, are now making significant investments to provide new tools and solutions to companies in India.

Open source options are increasingly being adopted by other Indian companies. Indian banks have used OSS for their core banking systems effectively for a number of years, which has assisted banks in lowering their IT costs and enhancing security and dependability. Kerala Police, the state’s law enforcement organization, is another example of a government entity using open source software. Kerala Police used SUSE’s solutions as the foundation for all of its software needs.


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