Samsung Targets The Health Sector With Its Open Source Platform


With an open source platform designed to accelerate digital research by streamlining app development, clinical and medical study data processing, and management, Samsung Electronics specifically targeted the healthcare industry.

Health Stack 1.0 intends to make it simpler and safer to obtain digital health data, according to a statement by Lee Yunsu, leader of Samsung’s data intelligence division. For Android and Wear OS-based wearables, the project consists of an app software development kit (SDK), back end services, and data analysis tools.

A online gateway for creating surveys, managing participants, and data analysis is also included in Health Stack 1.0. Samsung Research and Samsung Research America created it. Lee states the move will “lower the barriers between medical researchers and digital technology experts”. “By promoting the development of digital health services, we hope to ultimately improve the quality of life for people around the world.”

At the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s annual conference and expo, which is taking place this week in the US, the company made the platform announcement. The projected debut date is in June.

The capacity to add participants, gather wearable data, and perform fundamental survey operations have all been improved upon in Health Stack 1.0, according to Samsung. Security and stability have also been improved.


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