Get Rid Of The Default Windows 11 Programs With Open Source JunkCtrl


The open source app’s plugin architecture creates opportunities for capability expansion with the addition of additional signatures.

There are numerous built-in applications in Microsoft’s Windows 11 operating system for completing a variety of tasks. Some apps are frequently used, some only infrequently, and some may not be utilised at all.

While some Windows 11 apps can be uninstalled via Settings > Apps or the traditional Control Panel, others are restricted and cannot. PowerShell commands and third-party programmes can both be used to delete them from the operating system. PowerShell is effective, but it necessitates experience, particularly since the removal of programmes occasionally may have unforeseen consequences. That is handled by third-party technologies like O&O AppBuster.

The open source programme JunkCtrl is an additional choice. It is a brand-new programme made by the same person that made ThisIsWin11 and BloatyNosy. BloatyNosy’s uninstallation features are also available. JunkCtrl is less than 100 kilobytes in size, and its archive is only 31 kilobytes. The programme does not require installation and may be used immediately. When a programme is new, Windows 11 may issue a SmartScreen security warning.

Although JunkCtrl is simple to use, some people might find the UI confusing. Scan options are displayed on the first screen. Although they are built-in, they can also be expanded using plugins. There are already some plugins posted there, such as the one for HP Bloatware.

The system searches for compatible apps when the search button is clicked. Although the list of apps that are returned is not as long as O&O AppBuster’s, users can still check one or more apps to have them deleted.

The app also includes a list of the top-grossing Windows 11 apps, which includes, obviously, TikTok, Print3D, and Mixed Reality Portal. Microsoft Store apps are the main emphasis of the application.


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