Open Source Head At Goldman Sachs, Robert Underwood, Joins JPMorgan


Robert Underwood has joined the bank as head of open source governance.

To avoid giving their rivals an advantage, the majority of banking organisations want to keep their proprietary code to themselves. However, there is open source work being done within banks, and one of the more well-known figures in the field has recently joined JPMorgan in what he calls his “ideal” position.

The bank has hired Robert Underwood as its director of open source governance. He spent the previous two years at Goldman Sachs as the company’s senior global programme manager for open source initiatives. He also had a brief four-month stint as an InnerSource programme manager at Citi.

Due to Underwood’s implementation of the developer blog and @GSDeveloper twitter handle, the engineering community at Goldman became more transparent. His work as a teacher began in Japan, where he also developed a “open source curriculum integrated with overall firm-wide engineering training requirements.”

Underwood transitioned from the fintech sector into conventional finance. At the fintech open source foundation (FINOS), where he previously served as chief development officer, he worked to “expand the adoption of open source software and related software development practises” in the financial sector.


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