PingCAP’s New GitHub Data Explorer Tool Empowers The Open Source Community


The GitHub Data Explorer tool is currently accessible on OSS Insight for free and with full access for all users.

Today, PingCAP, a provider of cutting-edge distributed SQL databases, announced the launch of its brand-new GitHub Data Explorer application. This ground-breaking new application was created to aid open-source contributors and developers in gaining better understanding of their GitHub activity, streamlining processes, and boosting productivity.

Users of PingCAP’s GitHub Data Explorer receive a comprehensive dashboard with real-time access to their GitHub operations. With the use of customizable dashboards, developers can monitor project metrics, quickly spot patterns, and gain a deeper knowledge of their open-source contributions.

Modern technologies are used in the development of the GitHub Data Explorer, including:

  • GH Archive and GitHub event API
  • TiDB Cloud
  • SQL generator: Chat2Query
  • AI engine: OpenAI

“PingCAP’s ongoing commitment to improving data management and accessibility for everyone has resulted in the development of our GitHub Data Explorer. Today’s organizations depend heavily on data and PingCAP continuously strives to make it more manageable and accessible. By providing our users with this product, we are empowering them to easily gain access and understand their GitHub data and make decisions that will advance their businesses,” said Max Liu, CEO of PingCAP.

PingCAP remains dedicated to giving developers the tools they need to make scalable, efficient, accurate, and reliable apps, and this exciting new solution for the GitHub community demonstrates that commitment.

The PingCAP-developed GitHub Data Explorer is available on and is completely free for all users to utilise. Because of its user-friendly design and powerful analytical capabilities, this tool is expected to play a significant role in the workflow of the open-source community.


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