Stability AI Launches StableStudio To Serve As An Open Source AI Platform

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Much of StableStudio’s mission is to give the public a way to participate in the AI ecosystem, much like how making Stable Diffusion’s model open source did.

Today, Stability AI Ltd. announced the launch of StableStudio, the company’s top interface for its art-generating artificial intelligence Stable Diffusion model. StableStudio is an open-source version of DreamStudio.

Following its debut, DreamStudio immediately established itself as a one-stop shop for using Stability AI’s text-to-image producing features without requiring customers to write any code. By typing in prompts, users could quickly create artwork to test out new features as they become available. The Stable Diffusion XL beta model, which can provide even more colourful and photorealistic visuals than previously, was added to the system in April.

The StableLM family of open-source big language models, which can produce text and code from user prompts, was introduced by Stable Diffusion last month. Additionally, the business stated that it intended to incorporate StableVicuna, their StableLM chat interface, into the final product.

Developers will have complete control over the interface for Stable Diffusion with the open-source release of StableStudio, allowing them to create and deploy their own plugins that can manipulate the underlying AI models released by Stability AI.

Thus, StableStudio and its ecosystem will continue to develop in response to developer input. Stable Diffusion intends to accomplish this by moving the project’s current development into its open GitHub repository and by establishing incentives for enhancements and new features.

A Google LLC employee recently wrote a letter complaining that the open-source AI community was swiftly encroaching on major generative AI developers like Google’s Bard and OpenAI LP’s ChatGPT. This brought to a climax the existing industry friction between closed source and open source.

Although the letter focused on the value and potential of AI models, a corporation can stand out in the market by making models accessible through the creation of tools and features by open-source developers.

Stability emphasised that DreamStudio will continue to be hosted on the company’s servers and would, whenever feasible, be kept up-to-date with new features and modifications, notwithstanding StabilityStudio’s open-source release.


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