New Open Source Energy System Optimisation Tool Provides Worldwide Coverage


The PyPSA-Earth model was created by a global research team for use in energy system and power studies, technological assessments, phase-out strategies, market simulations, and diversification.

An accessible open source global energy system model has been created by researchers from throughout the world, and unlike other tools, it can accommodate nations without preexisting energy planning scenarios.

To handle large-scale energy system planning, the PyPSA-Earth model can automatically collect open data, generate data that is suited for modelling, and incorporate optimisation features. It efficiently breaks down complicated software processes into smaller jobs using the Snakemake automated workflow management system, and it effortlessly connects different data sources and open-source technologies to process raw data. This makes it possible to generate data that is local, regional, continental, or even global.

The model can offer research on the transition of the energy system, the power system, technology review, technology phase-out strategies, supply diversification, and simulations of the electricity market. It uses the free Atlite software to mimic renewable energies like solar, wind, and hydropower by converting weather data into energy system data.

In order to conduct a 2060 net-zero energy planning study for the African continent, specifically Nigeria, the researchers validated the model. The validation approach established that the new tool can create installed generation and power network data that are consistent with trustworthy national data and exhibit adequate accuracy. Notably, this model offers greater spatial detail in addition to producing results that are realistic. The suggested model is a component of the PyPSA meets Earth initiative, a study that seeks to enhance energy system planning through the use of open-source solutions.


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