Energy Sector’s Transformation: 76% Utilities Digitize, 64% Embrace Open Source For Innovation


Additionally, a recent study from the Linux Foundation Energy indicates that more than half of energy stakeholders are fusing OT and IT.

The “2023 Energy Transformation Readiness Study” was just made public by LF Energy, an open source organisation dedicated to leveraging the potential of cooperative software and hardware innovations to decarbonize our global economies. The paper, created in collaboration with LF Research, G-PST, RWTH Aachen, and Zpryme, offers survey-based insights into the digitalization of the energy sector using open source.

Headline findings include the claim made by 76% of energy stakeholders who responded to the poll that their company has a clear strategic strategy for digitization and has already started executing it. Additionally, 64% of energy stakeholders use more open source software than closed source, yet 43% still think that reaching an agreement within the energy sector is essential to boosting OSS adoption.

Asia Pacific respondents were found to be the most advanced with regards to putting digitization ideas into action, with 84%, followed by North America with 78% and Europe with 62%. Nearly all of the respondents who have not yet started implementation already have a plan in place and it is either far into development or is ready to be implemented.

“We have heard from utilities and other stakeholders anecdotally for some time that the energy sector has accepted that digitalization is the only path forward to transition energy systems to renewables, so it is encouraging to see this research confirm that,” said Linux Foundation General Manager, Arpit Joshipura. “That battle has been won, but the LF Energy community must reinforce to these stakeholders that open source is the most efficient and effective way to complete a digital transformation that ensures these systems are interoperable, resilient, and secure.”


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