Thunderbird 115 Unveiled: Experience Refreshing UI Overhaul

Thunderbird 115

The latest Thunderbird 115 update brings a stunning revamp to the popular email client, enhancing the user interface for a seamless experience.

A brand new version of the Thunderbird email client is out – and it’s looking fire! Thunderbird 115, codenamed “Supernova,” has just been released with some major UI changes that are bound to catch your attention. The latest version is available for download on Windows, macOS, and Linux starting July 11, and it can be obtained from the revamped Thunderbird homepage.

You’ll notice significant differences from the moment you launch the new version. The spaces sidebar, introduced in Thunderbird 102, now extends to full height and remains collapsible if you prefer not to use it. The title bar has been revamped to incorporate both the search bar and the “AppMenu” (main menu), providing a streamlined experience. Additionally, when only the ‘inbox’ is open, you’ll finally get the sleek, flush look you’ve always desired.

Here are some key features of Thunderbird 115:

  • Calendar benefits from an improved color palette
  • Sortable folder modes and the option to hide local folders enhance organization
  • Restyled ‘density’ controls provide customization options
  • Colourful new ‘tags’ view in the folder pane adds visual appeal
  • Address Book improvements enhance usability
  • Accessibility enhancements for improved user experience
  • “Move To” and “Copy To” options added to the folder context menu for easier management
  • Assorted OpenPGP enhancements for enhanced security
  • OAuth2 support for Fastmail users
  • Option to always show tray icon (Windows)

Existing Thunderbird users on macOS and Windows can update through the app itself in the coming days. However, Linux users should note that the update process may vary depending on their distribution.

To download Thunderbird 115 or update your existing client, visit the official Thunderbird website. Ubuntu users should obtain the latest release from the Snap Store, Flathub, or directly from the Thunderbird website.


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