Alibaba Cloud Unveils Two Open-Source Vision Language Models for Multimodal AI Understanding

Alibaba Cloud

Revolutionary Alibaba Cloud introduces two new LVLMS- QWEN-VL and QWEN-VL-chat to integrate images and text, garnering over 400,000 downloads in a month.

Alibaba Cloud has introduced two open-source large vision language models (LVLMs) – Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL-Chat – that seamlessly grasp images, texts, and bounding boxes in prompts, even facilitating multi-round question-answering in English and Chinese.

These LVLMs redefine AI comprehension, bridging the gap between visual content and language expression. Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL-Chat garnered a remarkable 400,000 downloads within a month of launch, spotlighting the urgency for such innovative solutions.

LVLMs amalgamate image and text understanding cohesively. Dr. Li Wei, Chief AI Scientist at Alibaba Cloud, states, *”Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL-Chat surpass conventional AI by integrating visual and textual data, mimicking human perception.”*

These models emerge as a synergy of an image encoder, text encoder, and a strategic fusion of both. Hugging Face, an influential AI platform, underscores their significance, providing versatility in tasks that necessitate merging visual and textual cues.

“LVLMs redefine AI capabilities, mirroring human perception to process intricate tasks, a synthesis of visual and linguistic realms,” explains Dr. Emily Chen, AI Research Lead at Alibaba Cloud.

Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL-Chat address the limitations of conventional models in processing vision-centric tasks. Large language models excel in textual comprehension, but LVLMs uniquely decode images too.

“Our breakthrough with Qwen-VL models AI’s evolving nature, navigating images and language nuances,” highlights Dr. Zhang Yu, Lead AI Engineer at Alibaba Cloud.

As AI technology advances, open-source models like Qwen-VL stand as Alibaba Cloud’s commitment to collaboration and knowledge sharing, fostering innovation across the AI landscape.

“Qwen-VL models uphold Alibaba Cloud’s ethos of inclusivity, promoting collective progress in the AI domain,” underscores Dr. Sophia Wang, AI Ethics Specialist at Alibaba Cloud.

Amid AI’s exponential growth, Qwen-VL and Qwen-VL-Chat illuminate the path towards shared understanding and innovation, symbolizing a future where AI transcends conventional boundaries.


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