Milk-V Launches First RISC-V 10G Ethernet Switch, the Milk-V Vega

Milk-V Vega

Milk-V introduces game game-changing Risc-V open source ethernet switch- The Milk-V Vega. The revolutionary networking innovation paves the way for open-source enthusiasts.

In a groundbreaking move that is sure to shake up the world of networking technology, Milk-V has taken the wraps off their latest creation – the Milk-V Vega. Touted as the world’s first RISC-V 10 Gigabit Ethernet Switch, this innovation is set to redefine the way we approach networking infrastructure. The announcement comes with a promise of open-source accessibility, ushering in a new era of collaborative networking development.

The focal point of this revelation is the FSL91030M network switch chip, which is at the heart of the Milk-V Vega. This chip boasts a plethora of cutting-edge features, including integration of 8 ports of gigabit Ethernet PHY, supporting a wide spectrum of functionalities including 10/100/1000BASE-T and 100BASE-FX. Furthermore, it incorporates 2 ports of 10G SerDes, allowing for 1000BASE-X, SGMII, QSGMII, O-USGMII, and 10GBASE-R operations.

In a strategic collaboration, the FSL91030M leverages the prowess of the UX608 uCore, designed by Nuclei System Technology. Supporting the RV32/64 IMACFDPB instruction set, this uCore boasts a 6-stage variable-length pipeline architecture and a 64-bit AXI system bus interface, ensuring seamless and efficient processing.

Network aficionados have a lot to be excited about:

The Milk-V Vega doesn’t just excel in raw power, it also offers a host of features for network optimization and security. From network redundancy and protection through protocols like STP and RSTP, to quality of service optimization based on 802.1p/DSCP, the Vega covers it all. It boasts defense mechanisms against DoS attacks, black and white lists, and IEEE 802.1x authentication, ensuring a robust security posture.

Developers are in for a treat as well. The Milk-V Vega is built on an open-source Linux system, making secondary development and personal customization a breeze. Open access to openSBI, u-boot, and Linux kernel source code, along with a provided cross-compilation toolchain, gives developers the freedom to innovate. Equipped with a JTAG interface, RS232, and I2C interfaces, it paves the way for low-level development and sensor integration.

As for deployment, the Vega supports standard 1U server racks, with the potential to install 2 units per rack layer, catering to various setups. Its feature-rich offering, including dual 10-gigabit optical ports, 4 gigabit optical ports, and 8 gigabit Ethernet ports, makes it an ideal fit for homelab environments. The Vega also supports remote configuration through WEB and SSH access, along with a command-line business configuration for functions like VLAN setup, port mirroring, MAC address learning, and traffic control.

While pricing information remains under wraps, the product announcement sets the stage for a revolution in networking hardware. With open-source principles at its core and a myriad of features to entice both network enthusiasts and developers alike, the Milk-V Vega marks a significant step forward in the world of networking technology.


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