New Altrios Software from SwRI Supports Rail Industry’s Shift Towards Sustainability

New Altrios Software from SwRI Supports Rail Industry's Shift Towards Sustainability

Southwest Research Institute’s Altrios Software offers pathways to greener rail freight. The introduction of this groundbreaking open source software is a significant leap towards decarbonisation.

The rail freight sector accelerates its sustainability drive with the launch of open source software, Altrios, by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). Altrios offers a practical approach to assess green locomotive technologies and infrastructure expansion.

Altrios, a product of collaboration between SwRI, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, University of Texas at Austin, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign RailTec, and BNSF Railway, stands as a crucial innovation. It combines locomotive and energy storage tech models with dispatch simulations and routing tools. It scrutinises decarbonisation strategies – like hydrogen, biofuels, and batteries – on real rail infrastructure, aiding informed choices.

Railways’ commitment to science-based carbon reduction targets is underscored by Garrett Anderson of SwRI’s Powertrain Engineering Division. Altrios facilitates cost-effective evaluation of decarbonisation techniques through computer modelling.

As the US endeavours to decarbonise the transport sector by 2050, Altrios arrives at an opportune moment. With a modest approach, it equips rail stakeholders to navigate the green transition effectively.

Available for public download, Altrios is funded by the US Department of Energy. This software exemplifies the industry’s collective efforts to reshape its environmental impact.

In an era of climate consciousness, Altrios emerges as a practical enabler, empowering rail companies to embrace sustainability without compromising efficiency. As the industry aligns with eco-friendly practices, Altrios sets a transformative precedent.


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