SandboxAQ Introduces New Open Source Cryptography Framework Revolutionising Cybersecurity

SandboxAQ Introduces New Open Source Cryptography Framework Revolutionising Cybersecurity

SandboxAQ launches open source ‘Sandwich’ framework, revolutionising cryptography management. Learn how it empowers developers, fortifies cybersecurity, and addresses quantum threats.

SandboxAQ’s latest offering, ‘Sandwich,’ introduces a transformative open source framework set to redefine modern cryptography management. Developers can now seamlessly integrate cryptographic algorithms into applications, adapting to evolving technologies and security threats without rewriting code. The framework’s unified API simplifies this process while providing enhanced control for improved cybersecurity.

“Modern cryptography management and cryptographic agility are essential, yet open source tools supporting these features have been lacking,” notes Graham Steel, Head of Product for SandboxAQ’s Quantum Security Group.

Sandwich excels in its compatibility with the libOQS cryptographic library, offering easy access to cutting-edge post-quantum cryptography (PQC) algorithms from NIST. This stands pivotal in fortifying digital defense against quantum threats, a concern raised by Nadia Carlsten, VP of Product at SandboxAQ.

Moreover, Sandwich facilitates customisation. Developers can build tailored ‘sandwiches’ of protocols and implementations, avoiding disruptive code recompilation during reconfiguration. This high-level API also aids in steering clear of common cryptographic pitfalls.

“We created Sandwich to accelerate development of our encryption management and cryptographic remediation solutions,” Steel explains. This altruistic approach empowers developers to experiment with agile cryptography, enhancing community preparedness against quantum encryption breaches.

SandboxAQ’s Sandwich emerges as a proactive solution in the ever-evolving digital sphere. As the digital landscape prepares for quantum challenges, Sandwich stands as a beacon of resilience, offering a practical approach to cryptographic security.


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