Home Content News UAE’s G42 Unleashes Open Source Arabic AI Model ‘Jais

UAE’s G42 Unleashes Open Source Arabic AI Model ‘Jais

UAE's G42 Unleashes Open Source Arabic AI Model 'Jais

Revolutionary AI language model “Jais” released, featuring 13 billion parameters and code-driven reasoning.

A groundbreaking collaborative effort has birthed an advanced Arabic language software, introducing the “Jais” language model. This innovative creation, named after the UAE’s highest peak, combines Arabic and English data, incorporating computer code to enhance its reasoning capabilities.

Engineers, researchers, and Silicon Valley’s Cerebras Systems partnered to produce Jais. This 13 billion-parameter model addresses the scarcity of bilingual language models. Cerebras, known for its cutting-edge chips, played a vital role in this venture, utilizing its supercomputers to refine Jais.

Jais results from collaboration between Cerebras, Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence, and G42’s subsidiary, Inception, emphasizing AI advancements. Notably, Jais utilised code within English data for improved reasoning. According to Professor Timothy Baldwin, “Code gives the model a leg up in reasoning abilities, spelling out logical steps.”

Of particular significance is Jais’ accessibility. This language model will be accessible through open source, fostering collaboration and exploration within the AI community.

Jais’ development was facilitated by the Cerebras supercomputer, Condor Galaxy, a partnership with G42. Impressively, this 13 billion-parameter model was trained in a mere three and a half days. Cerebras CEO Andrew Feldman stressed the extensive preparatory work leading to this achievement.

Jais emerges as a remarkable innovation, promising to reshape generative AI applications. Its open-source approach sets it apart, encouraging shared progress within the AI landscape. With its unique features and practical accessibility, Jais holds the potential to drive substantial advancements in AI research and application.



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